Fun After School Activities For Your Kids.

After-School Activities That Are Actually Fun, easy and affordable .

Because your kids are always in the pursuit of happiness. And, guess what? they might learn from these too (but Psss don’t tell them that)!

First, you should probably invest on an Activity Board. Now on to the things you should pin on it…

Snack Art

after school activities

Have snack and play at the Same Time. it’s healthy moment!

This activity will full your mind and your stomach all at once, grab a bunch of your kid favorite fruits and star cutting little pieces then all you have to do is let him make the master piece, lets see what it comes out.

Dress Up” Stories


Keep your kids’ creative juices flowing and give them the chance to write and act out their own mini-production. It only works if YOU also dress up as a character.

Customized Railroad Adventure


Painter’s tape? Check. Legos? Check. Awesome train town? car or trucks roads?.  Track inspiration.

Painter’s tape roads a child’s imagination can generate a wonderful world and hours of play if you just give it a gentle nudge in the right direction! Next time you need a few minutes to get something down, pull out the roll of tape!

I’ve also seen this idea using masking tape, but masking tape leaves a sticky residue, You don’t want anything attracting dirt to the carpet, so I’d stick with painter’s tape just to be safe.

Rainbow Foam Play


This mess-tastic project is a great sensory activity for your younger kids. Make sure to use dish soap so you can convince the little ones to wash their snack bowls.

You could make just two primary colors and make it into a color mixing lesson. To make your own super puffy fluffy soap foam, you will need.

2 Tbsp of dish soap

1/4 cup water

food coloring or Colorations Liquid Watercolors

Mix on the highest possible setting for 1-2 minutes.  Your foam should be able to form stiff peaks that hold their shape.  Scoop it out into your container and repeat as necessary until you have the desired amount of foam!

If your child has sensitive skin, you can substitute for the bubble bath of your preference.

I do not recommend this activity young children who may put the soap in their mouths or eyes.  The soap is not meant to be ingested and will sting if rubbed into eyes.

Please note that liquid watercolors had no staining as liquid watercolors are washable.  If you use food coloring, you are very likely to have some staining as food coloring is not washable.

The Cabbage Experiment


You can substitute cabbage with white flowers. Use food coloring and cabbage leaves to show the kids how plants absorb water (and nutrients) up through their stems.

To conduct your own science experiment, you will need:

Cabbage leaves

  you can do this with flowers also

Food colouring



First you will need to add some water to each jar, Then add a different coloured food dye to each jar…we used about 10 drops per jar to make sure the water was nice and vibrant, Then  add a separate cabbage leaf/flower to each jar and for the magic to happens!

Dance Sessions


Face it, kid freestyles are the best. Amp up your dance party with fun games that incorporate their favorite music and moves!

Another tip for this activity is to walk and call out hand motions:


reaching to the sky

reaching for your toes

You guys can create you own moves and unique style. The possibilities go on and on. Do this for several songs, It’s a surprisingly good low impact workout, and best of all it’s FUN.

Hope You Guys Enjoy!