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Thinking of partying all night with your favourite people and hunting for the best nightclub in NYC? Your search ends here. Nothing compares to the nightlife in NYC, thanks to Queens lounges, Astoria lounges, Queens parties, NYC parties, clubs in Queens NYC that make it a hotspot.Doha nightclub is a perfect party place for party enthusiasts. When you talk about NYC parties, Doha nightclub in NYC is one name which is well known to everyone in the city.

From throwing sophisticated parties to hippie parties, Halloween parties to Christmas parties, Friday night parties to Saturday night parties, you can find every sort of entertainment at Doha nightclub NYC.

If you are looking for a Latin night clubs in NYC, night clubs in Queens, lounges in long island city, Saturday night clubs NYC or free night clubs NYC, Doha NYC night club is the place to go to for experiencing one of the best clubs in queens.

Friday Party @ Doha Nightclub
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Doha Nightclub NYC Bottle Services

Doha nightclub bottle packages are as follows:

  • Bronze Package comprises of 3 Bottles (2 Premium + 1 Champagne) for $330
  • Silver Package comprises of 4 Bottles (3 Premium + 1 Champagne) for $480
  • Gold Package comprises of 6 Bottles (4 Premium + 2 Champagne) for $620
  • Platinum Package comprises of 9 Bottles (6 Premium + 3 Champagne) for $900

Doha nightclub bottle service packages do not include tax and gratuity. Get in touch with Partiesmania for reserving your Doha Nightclub’s bottle packages.For more information on Latin night clubs in NYC, night clubs in Queens, lounges in long island city, clubs in queens NY, NYC night club, night clubs in queens NY and other clubs in NYC you can get in touch with Partiesmania.

Book Tickets for Doha Nightclub

Register on the guest list and become a part of the entertaining event at Doha nightclub.  Partiesmania can help you find the bottle packages for Doha nightclub at a discounted price. Our bottle packages start from as low as $330. However, the bottle packages are available only on pre-reservation. So get yourself registered now with Partiesmania.

Don’t wait any further and become a part of the crazy celebration at Doha nightclub NYC.

Accessibility of Doha Nightclub Astoria

Doha Nightclub Astoria is a hot party venue in NYC. The club is located in a lively area and can be located very easily. The address of Doha nightclub is 3834 31st Street, Queens, NY 11101, United States. There are regular trains and buses which frequent this area. So reaching here will not be a problem at all. The excellent social venue magnetizes party enthusiast from all over NYC for its magical charm.

There are many clubs in queens NY but this is one of the best night clubs in queens NY.

Atmosphere at Doha Nightclub NYC

Doha nightclub NYC promises a wonderful experience on every visit. It is a stunning place to dance with your friends and meet new people. It has a chilled out and laid back environment perfectly suitable for party lovers. The atmosphere at Doha nightclub is designed keeping in mind the needs of its guests. Party lovers flock here for its vibrant ambience, enigmatic dance floor and ambient live music scenes. The cozy environment and astounding vibe of Doha club makes it the best nightclub in NYC. Partying at Club Doha NYC is a never-ending fun. So, head over to this best nightclub in NYC and dance the night away.

Dance and Music at Doha Nightclub Queens

Doha nightclub is equipped with superior sound systems that receives a live feed from the hottest DJs in town. You will be happy to know, Doha Nightclub often has DJ Shadee, Allout, Cisco, Georgii, Grouchy Gambino, Fatz, Loud One, Geno among many others playing on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, making sure you dance till your feet hurts. We make it official DJ Drewski plays music at this queens nightclubs, which is definitely something that you should not miss.

The music at Doha nightclub Queens ranges from House to Hip Hop. At this best Latin club in NYC you will find an attractive dance floor with state-of-the-art sound system and an elaborate cocktail menu.So with your feet on the dance floor, music in your ears and cocktail in your hand, party like never before in Doha Nightclub NYC.

Parties at Doha Nightclub

Doha nightclub has one or the other NYC party or event going on around the week. There are Thursday night parties, Friday night parties, Saturday night parties and Sunday night parties at club Doha NYC. Apart from this, you will also find upscale parties being held here from time to time. Each of these NYC parties sees the top elite crowd from NYC and occasional Hollywood celebrity appearances. These parties are worth catching! So let us delve into knowing about the parties at Doha nightclub in detail.

Thursday Night Party at Doha Nightclub NYC

Thursday night party at Doha nightclub NYC is electrifying. There are hot girls and dashing guys who spice up the dance floor of Doha nightclub Queens. You can dance and rub shoulders with celebrities who often give guest appearances here. The night is open for girls and guys both. Couples can head over to Doha nightclub and enjoy the romantic ambience of this best nightclub in NYC.

Few details about Thursday nights at Doha nightclub:

  • You can enjoy open bar from 11.30 pm to 1.30 am
  • General admission for guys and girls is $25 per person
  • Doors open at 9 pm

Be a part of the grand Thursday night party at Doha nightclub NYC by registering yourself to the Partiesmania guest list.

Friday and Saturday Night Party at Doha Nightclub NYC

Join the hottest parties at best nightclubs in Queens. Friday and Saturday nights at Doha nightclub NYC are worth going to. Friday and Saturday nights at Club Doha is celebrated as Ladies Night. So, all you ladies in NYC, head over this biggest party place in NYC and dance the night away with you girlfriends. Saturday night party bottle packages add an extra charm to the celebration. You can reserve Doha nightclub bottle packages from Partiesmania.

Few details about Friday and Saturday nights at Doha nightclub:

  • All the ladies who are on the guest list have free admission all night
  • All the guys have free admission till 12 am
  • All the ladies who are not on the guest list have to pay $10 as admission fee
  • General admission fee for guys post 12 am is $20
  • Ladies can enjoy open bar from 10 pm to 12 am

So, if you have not yet signed up on the guest list, sign up now with Partiesmania and enjoy unlimited benefits and entertainment.

Sunday Night Party at Doha Nightclub NYC

Sunday night party at Doha Nightclub is very entertaining. It features incredible music and laser show by Anthony Lopez and The Techno-Bot. The shoe is the major highlight of the evening. It pulls huge crowd from NYC and becomes for a party hub for youth. DJ Saturday night in Queens needs no mention and especially at Doha nightclub. The famous DJs in town like Anthony Lopez, The Techno-Bot, Andy, Djbash and Djpipe play the music to entertain the crowd.

Doha Club Long Island City address 38-34 31st Street Long Island City.

For information about tickets, birthday parties, and table reservations, please call 347.801.4381 

Please bear in mind that reserving a table or a bottle service before the opening time will make your entry free and completely hassle-free. Check other events at

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