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Doha Fridays Live Performance by El Nene La Amenaza

doha nightclub

Latin Saturdays in Long Island City!

Saturday’s at Doha Nightclub NYC

The most renowned of all is the Saturday night parties at Doha Nightclub. The mega party is hosted on each and every Saturdays. It is a special ladies night Saturday party where ladies can have a gala time with their female group. They can catch up for a refreshing drink or a dance party and have some serious fun.

Club Doha Astoria Saturday nights have the hottest events every week and the party goes on until 4 in the morning. On a Saturday nights at Doha Nightclub, you can expect to see NYC’s sexiest ladies and some of the coolest and elite guys.

Party Experience at Doha Nightclub Queens NYC

The ease of location of Doha Nightclub makes it one of the best lounges in Astoria. The address of Doha Nightclub is 38-34 31st St, Long Island City NY 11101. Here you can take the advantage of city’s best nightlife, music, culture and crowd.

The parties, events, festivals, concerts, etc. are celebrated at Doha Nightclub NYC with much of excitement and enthusiasm. It is truly a crowd puller in every aspect. Right from young teenagers to well-known celebrities, everyone in NYC flocks at Doha Nightclub Queens for the best party experience.

Ambience of Doha Nightclub in Queens NYC

Doha Nightclub Astoria hosts amazing parties and the ambience of the lounge adds to the already existing charm of this place. It has a relaxing setting and a perfect ambience which gives utmost comfort to its guests. The state of the art amenities, VIP seating, exclusive sound system and trendiest DJs spinning the coolest tracks make Doha Nightclub NYC a must visit party place in Astoria Queens.

Music and Entertainment at Doha Nightclub Queens

Doha Nightclub NYC provides a mix of Latin, hip-hop, R&B and top 40 music played by the coolest DJs in town. Some of the names include Bash, Abrupt, Louie Minaya Frank Roth, New Era and many others renowned DJs.

This best lounge in Queens ensures the entertaining club experience for all its guests. The venue space is sexy and stylish on every level. With the high-quality sound system and spacious dance floor, you are sure to have the best experience of your life.

NYC Nightlife

New York is popularly known as ‘the city that never sleeps’. The city hums with boundless energy from morning to night. There is round the clock action going on in NYC. The morning sees the city as a centre of business, arts and culture, while, at night, the city buzzes with NYC parties, dance parties, events in Queens at the hottest NYC bars, pubs, clubs and lounges.

Nightlife in NYC provides boundless options to its party enthusiasts. Whether you feel like partying till dusk, want to socialize with your friends, want to enjoy a rocking party or simply want to soak in the vibe of the best nightclubs in NYC, then you will be happy to know that the NYC clubs and lounges have got everything covered for you.

doha nightclub
doha nightclub

Doha Nightclub in Queens Friday Night Packages, Birthday Packages, Bottle Packages and Bottle Service

Join Doha Nightclub in Astoria, Queens every week for a night full of fun drinking and dancing. Premium bottle service is available but you need to pre-reserve your table because they sell out weekly. To reserve your table and be added to the guest list, get in touch with Partiesmania.

All the bottle package prices are exclusive of 18% tax and gratuity. Doha Nightclub bottle packages are as follows:

Bronze Package 3 bottles (includes 2 Premium + 1 Champagne) $300

Silver Package 4 Bottles (includes 3 Premium + 1 Champagne) $450

Gold Package 5 Bottles (includes 4 Premium + 2 Champagne) $650

Big Spender 8 Bottles Pkg (includes 6 Premium + 3 Champagne $750

Moet Rose Bowl ( 5 Moet Rose ) priced at $850

Check Out The Best Parties Near You

There is life at every corner in New York City. The streets are continuously humming with some or the other NYC events or activities. After a tiring day at work, if you feel like dancing the night away or having a sip of your favorite drink and relaxing at one of the clubs in Queens then there are countless nightclubs and lounges in Queens, NYC.

A grittier concentration of NYC lounges is undoubtedly in Astoria, Queens. Astoria’s lounges have a unique vibe and feel like no other lounges in NYC. Especially, Doha Nightclub in Astoria is the best place to celebrate NYC events, Queens parties, birthday party in Queens and Saturday night party. Doha Nightclub is Queens hottest and most luxurious lounge. By far it is Astoria’s trendiest venue for hosting parties.

Doha Club Long Island City address 38-34 31st Street Long Island City.

For information about tickets, birthday parties, and table reservations, please call 347.801.4381 

Please bear in mind that reserving a table or a bottle service before the opening time will make your entry free and completely hassle-free. Check other events at

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