Open House New York 2017

Experience your city, meet those who design, build, and preser ve New York and others who want to connect to their city will love, Open House New York. This is an annual event, where hundreds of sites and attractions in Gotham open their doors to the public for one weekend only. The full list of participating sites and programs will become available on Wednesday, October 4. Free printed event guides with all Open Access sites will also be inserted into the October 4 issue of Time Out New York.

One of New York City’s biggest architecture spectacles is making its grand return this October 2017.

The annual festival celebrating our city’s wealth of incredible architecture, landmarks and infrastructure. For one weekend each year, Open House New York provides the general public with free access. The locations vary from private homes and cultural institutions to construction sites and big projects of infrastructure and everything else in between.

Open House New York was founded by Scott Lauer in August, 2001 to engage New Yorkers in the city’s architecture, public space, and the future of urban life.

Visit Open House New York for more details