Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance by the client
When you show interest on the services of this site, or you submit any of the queries or content of the page, you must note that you agree to
a. Terms and conditions of the site
b. Privacy Policy of the site
If you feel troubles with the terms of conditions of the website and services by Parties Mania, you must disagree with the Terms and Conditions. Please note that Terms and Conditions are same for every user and individual visiting this site!

2. Associated links of the site
You might realize that our website is linked with other sources and websites too! Please understand that we do not own or control those links or operations of the same as we are not affiliated with those sites which means we are not responsible or do not take control over the content or operation of that site.

3. Access of the site
a. You have a permission from Parties Mania to use the content for non commercial use and personal benefits solely
b. You must not copy the content for your personal use
c. You must not send spam messages and advertisement material for Parties Mania
d. While creating an account with Parties Mania you must not access other’s accounts without prior clearance from them
e. You will be solely responsible for any activity on your account
f. Parties Mania has a right to terminate your access to the site under or without cause

4. Intellectual Property Rights
The site content is solely owned by Parties Mania including text, scripts, softwares sounds, photos, music, and features and so on from content to the logo. The content doesn’t realize to hidden meanings an it presented in the As It Is manner for all users! Users must retain to all copy rights when thy download any content or print the same. Obligations under such conditions can be legally charged by Parties Mania!

5. User Submissions
a. Parties Mania does not guarantee confidentiality of the submisiong of any content or videos by the users.
b. You are the sole responsibility of any submission on the site which means you have necessary rights to authorize under copyrights and trademark section of Party Mania.

6. Copyright and Content Policy
Parties Mania respects the property rights of the users and if you feel that any of our content is infringement, you must enlighten us with the following details:
Signature of the authorized person who is going to act on the copy rights
Descriptions details of the copyright content and work
You must provide the URL or any other address of the content published before
Contact details with complete address and mailing ID

7. Warranty Disclaimer
One must agree to the term that using the content of the site is entirely based on the sole risk of the user. Parties Mania does not commit warranty to the accuracy level of the content which includes null liability under
a. Mistake in the content
b. Property damage or injury at personal of the user through the content of this site
c. Access to unauthorized structures and policies
Parties Mania does not take guarantee on the endorsement or reasonability of the content on the site or services and products related to the same.

8. Limitation of Liability

IN NO EVENT SHALL Parties mania along with their officers, employees, directors, agents are liable to any of the use under obligations as follows:
• Content of the site
• Any injury and damage to the user
• Usage of services under unauthorized conditions

9. Indemnity
Indemnify must be users to agree on holding harmless position for parties mania including employees, agents, officers as well as director. Also, you must indemnify against any sort of claims, obligations, damages, losses, expenses, cost and liabilities towards the company which might be a resultant answer of
a. using of the website
b. Agreeing to the terms and conditions of the site.
c. Violation of any conditions or terms at the time of submission of users
d. Violating privacy terms and right as well as copy right
e. Claim causing damage to third parties by users
Users must indemnify on the mentioned obligations.

10. Ability to Accept Terms & Conditions
The minimum age of confirming and entering these terms and conditions is 18. This site is not intended for the age group below 13. And if you access to such conditions, you must face consequences under competent judiciary. It is highly advised not to use and visit the site if you are below 13.

11. Assignment
The license and rights under these terms and conditions can only be assigned by Parties Mania and strictly by no other use.

12. General
The Terms & Conditions shall be administered by internal laws under substansive conditions of United States which means under all due respect of law principles. Any dispute between you and PARTIES MANIA because of the site or Terms & Conditions shall be determined entirely by a federal or state court of competent jurisdiction of United States. If any stipulation of the Terms & Conditions is estimated invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of such stipulation shall not concern the soundness of other provisions of the Terms & Conditions, remaining in effect and force.